Aims and percentages

I am back from my “enforced holiday” and not that pleased to be back!

Letter here from the the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital – not an appointment fortunately. I was worried I would have missed it.

Just a long questionnaire to fill in including asking me for three main reasons for wanting a cochlear implant. Hard to answer really.

  1. To function more effectively at work. It’s increasingly difficult to hear what people say.
  2. To improve social interaction and hear my grandchildren.
  3. To hear music again.

They also ask,

  • A person with absolutely normal hearing has a hearing ability of 100% and someone totally deaf has 0%. What percentage rating would YOU give to YOUR present ability overall?
  • What percentage hearing ability would you expect to have after receiving an implant?

I have taken a wild guess and said 30% to first one and 80% to second, mainly because my niece went from 20% to 80% and improving all the time.

Hard to define isnt it?  I certainly don’t want to use the phone!  I actually cope fairly well at work one to one, i’ts meetings that are a pain and I will lose my excuse to opt out of meetings. I am very aware that I am pulling back form social interaction because it’s such hard work.

Letter says they will be delighted to see me as soon as funding has been approved by the PCT. Hopefully it’s at the beginning of the financial year and the PCT will oblige!

And now back to sorting a month’s worth of post. I am trying to handle each piece of paper once only!


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