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Quick post as I want to get this leaflet online by morning. I’ve been invited to be a patient volunteer in a deaf awareness session our audiology department is running for medical students. I’ll be telling them something about my experiences and mentioning some communication strategies. Strategies for both the deaf/HoH person and the person speaking.

I won’t have time to go through strategies in detail, so I’ll wave this leaflet at them and suggest they download it from here. I think this leaflet is useful for everyone, including deaf and hard of hearing people ourselves. A page with strategies a deaf/HoH person can do to help us hear you. Another with things anyone can do to help a deaf or hard of hearing person hear them. And finally things we can do together!

I’m a big fan of being up-front about my deafness. So people know I’m paying attention and not ignoring them or stupid. And to reduce the times that must be frustrating for them as well as for me, when I don’t hear something. So this leaflet is included in our induction pack for new staff at InterHealth. And I email it round every few years as a reminder. Always seems well-recieved and my experience is that most people are very happy to give things a go.

The leaflet is adapted a little from a handout my hearing therapist gave me. She didn’t know where it came from originally so I’ve no-one to acknowledge as the source. If anyone knows the author, please let me know so I can check permission and acknowledge. Thanks.

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