MRI scan

Tuesday was the next step and I had an appointment at 1pm for an MRI at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.  (They don’t do MRI at the ENT place near Kings Cross). I was early, because the appointment letter said to be half an hour early and if you were not they would not be able to do the scan. I allowed lots of time for trains to be delayed etc and for me to get lost. No problems, straightforward walk from the station down the high street and then off to the left in Pond Street to the hospital.

What a lovely hospital and so clean!!  I found X-ray and checked in and was sent around to the MRI suite. I had removed any metal work I could think of like ear-rings, necklaces etc so all I had to remove was hearing aids and wrist watch. I had a book and was prepared to sit and read until my appointment time. But they came for me and got on with it. I had to fill in a consent form detailing if I had any metalwork anywhere. Very nice young lady came and got me and explained what would happen. I had to remove my hearing aids and lock them in a locker, she asked if I was able to lipread. Yes, no problem. Then she asked me to remove my glasses. Problem!  I said now I cannot lip-read so you need to make huge gestures that I can see.

So onto the stretcher, head in a box, earphones to cut out the noise and a buzzer to call if I was panicking etc. About fifteen minutes of clanking noises which stopped me taking a nap. I did wish I had wiggled about a bit more, I was not particularly comfortable and couldn’t change position. It’s quite a long time without moving.

Was reunited with my glasses and hearing aids and allowed to go home – results in about two weeks.

So I wait in limbo land.


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