Second assessment

Second visit to the hospital today!  The audiological scientist (nice lady from South Africa) had arranged to see me at 12.30 – I suspect she missed her lunch break to fit me in!  She adjusted the settings on my Naidas to see if she could improve the quality. My hearing loss does make it extremely difficult to fix with hearing aids but I had found the Naidas were too loud. I still couldn’t hear speech clearly and could hear all the horrible stuff like road noise and background noise. The noise on the underground is like being bludgeoned with a pick axe. Anyway, she has fiddled with the settings and my journey home was less painful than the journey up and I think I am hearing speech a bit better.

Long wait until 3pm to see the Consultant but the tea bar was a good place to go. Fabulous service etc.

Consultant was very nice, easy to hear, he spoke to the front, I think I only asked him to repeat once. I was quite concerned that that horrible test last week with the voice out of a speaker, was going to fail me for the CI, but he says to the contrary it shows I really need it! Phew. Right ear about 10% and left 19% (better than I thought I did).

He took a history AGAIN!  Why does everyone need to ask the same questions?  He did pick up on my two sons having high frequency loss and is going to refer me to a geneticist. The kids are not that bothered about inheriting deafness, my youngest said of the three things he inherited from me it’s the least of a problem. (Myopia and baldness being the other two, all the males in my family are bald, husband’s family are not!) Consultant gave me the same information I have already had – that they cannot guarantee how I will respond to the CI some people take longer than others to interpret speech, and there is no guarantee that I will be able to hear music. Said there would be more hearing tests (Why?) and CT and MRI before he can decide which ear (reassuring that he says which ear not whether he will do it or not). He said then I can decide if I want to go ahead. I have already decided that one. GET ON WITH IT!

So X-Ray request forms round to X-Ray where they did the CT then and there but MRI is done at the main hospital so they will send an appointment. So once again “please try to book it on a Tuesday as that’s my day off, here is my email and mobile for text.” Why do they have a CI co-ordinator if I have to keep repeating myself. I don’t mind taking a day off work if everything could be put on that day.

Finding my way around the hospital a lot easier second time around (perhaps that’s why they keep you coming up several times?)

So the general opinion is that the options are better with a CI – I should have better hearing than with hearing aids because of the pattern. They are fiddling with the aids because depending which ear is done I may wear an aid in the other one. Adults only get one CI, children get two. So looks like it should go ahead, no idea of when. I just want to get on with it.

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