So at last we are in business

Very exciting to receive a letter, at long last, arranging my admission and operation. I have to be at the RNTNE hospital, Greys Inn Road, London,  at 7.30am on the 24th March, fasted. I have to confirm that I will be there “by telephoning the number above…….”  Don’t they know I am deaf? I will ring via Talk by Text on Monday. Op that day, probable stay overnight and home the following day. No sound for about a month, they will switch on once all inflammation has settled down. Fortunately my lip reading is good and I am getting a second pair of glasses just in case,  because without my glasses I am in serious trouble!

So at last we are in business. The plan is for a processor one side but arrays in both cochlears, sort of extension cable over the top of my head, under the skin, to the second cochlear. Plan is for a Neurelec Saphyr, not the most modern but sounds what I need, it has a universal jack for accessories. I must look and see what accessories there are, I have already been asking about stethoscopes.

I just want to get on with it now, I don’t care what colour it is etc. No one will see it anyway, I have a lot of hair.

Its great to have a date, now I can organise myself.


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