Launching Cherry (or maybe her Blog)

Three years ago, Cherry Cullen made the decision to have a cochlear implant. Since then, she’s kept the UKHPHL email group informed and entertained with stories of her progress through assessment, surgery and rehabilitation. (Makes her sound like a criminal!) Continue reading “Launching Cherry (or maybe her Blog)”

Second assessment

Second visit to the hospital today!  The audiological scientist (nice lady from South Africa) had arranged to see me at 12.30 – I suspect she missed her lunch break to fit me in!  She adjusted the settings on my Naidas to see if she could improve the quality. My hearing loss does make it extremely difficult to fix with hearing aids but I had found the Naidas were too loud. I still couldn’t hear speech clearly and could hear all the horrible stuff like road noise and background noise. Continue reading “Second assessment”

First assessment

Today was my first assessment at the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital.

The hospital is easy to find if you turn left not right out of King’s Cross – minor loss of bearings which makes a change – I usually walk miles in the wrong direction.

Once at the hospital I presented myself to Reception Continue reading “First assessment”

Quick update – appointments

Just when I thought they had forgotten me I have received a letter from the Cochlear Implant Department at RNTNE. I have appointments to see audiological scientist on 12th July, followed by a hearing therapist. Then a week later on the 19th I see the Consultant Surgeon. No idea how soon after the assessment they will schedule surgery. I assume they can’t do all the appointments on the same day because someone has to evaluate the assessments before seeing the surgeon. Monday is a busy day for me but fortunately no one booked in yet so I have booked those two days off.

I am very keen to listen to music again, although I have no wish to use the telephone!  Can I be selective?  The staff at work are very concerned that I am going to be able to hear what they are saying behind my back.


Aims and percentages

I am back from my “enforced holiday” and not that pleased to be back!

Letter here from the the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear Hospital – not an appointment fortunately. I was worried I would have missed it.

Just a long questionnaire to fill in including asking me for three main reasons for wanting a cochlear implant. Hard to answer really. Continue reading “Aims and percentages”

Later that day

Later same day in response to questions: my hearing loss was initially congenital.  As a small child I assumed that my grandparent’s piano had dud keys at the top end. Both my sons have inherited high frequency hearing loss and my mother said several of her relatives were deaf. Continue reading “Later that day”

I need to do something radical about my hearing

My hearing has deteriorated to a point that I need to do something radical about it. Hearing aids amplify what I can hear, they do not replace what I have lost. I have high frequency sensorineural hearing loss in the severe/profound range. So – with two hearing aids, I can hear coughs, sneezes, traffic noise, engine noise, clacky shoes, but not speech which is a very complex sound. Continue reading “I need to do something radical about my hearing”

Naidas on board

I went to ENT Thursday and Sam fitted the new hearing aids. Sam is a lovely young lady who was a good communicator and gave me time to ask questions etc.

Not sure about the settings. It’s very loud at the moment and it’s the unwanted noises that are loud such as the keyboard, toilet flushing, road noise and audience applause (study day yesterday).  Continue reading “Naidas on board”

The first appointment

Arrived at the ENT department, which is called the EEMU department. Arrived at 9am for 9.20 appt.

Checked in at the reception where they had never heard of me and had no record of any appointment.

I said someone had rung on Friday so they told me to take a seat. Continue reading “The first appointment”