Two days to go

Yes, implant is due Thursday. I go up to London with youngest daughter tomorrow night after I have tidied up at work and put out of office on email etc. Admission to RNTNE at 7.30am. I have some wet wipes and instructions for wiping around behind my ears etc. Hopefully I am not allergic to them!

I am relatively organised. Have done massive indoor works in the past fortnight so the house is nice and sorted for my “sick leave” and hopefully I will not be “sick” and able to get on with the cross stitch, sorting my address book, sorting the photographs and doing some gardening. All that in a fortnight.

I have only planned just under three weeks off as I might go crazy indoors.

I am calm – if you can call having a fairly short fuse and over emotional reaction to things calm. Have had legs waxed, eyebrows done, hair done, nail polish removed and the car washed So if they bump me off I will be a gorgeous corpse! They can put me in the car!

I have had a contact from someone also going to same hospital, same surgeon, same binaural implant and she says the surgeon told her he did his first binaural 11th March and is doing his second 24th. So I am not his first! Good, that means he has read the instruction leaflet and done one! First hurdle will be finding my glasses when I wake up. It’s my worst nightmare that I can’t find my glasses. Daughter plans to be there to hand them to me (what a good girl, understands my fears!) I should be there overnight and discharged home Friday. Daughter and husband will come up for me in daughter’s bosses car. Boss said she should borrow it so I would have a comfortable ride home (nice people).

I will have no sound at all until they switch it on about three weeks post op (once swelling down). It’s going to be challenging. I might get to like the silence and not want it turned on. It can only be an improvement on the painful noise I hear through these hearing aids. Everything I don’t want to hear is horribly loud and speech incomprehensible without lip reading. I am hopeful and enthusiastic and just want to get on with it now.

Locum in place and the GPs loving having her! I think they would quite like to keep her. I love having her there and hope she won’t rush off once I am back at work.

I will let you all know how it’s going as soon as I am able.


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