• When the Phone Rings, My Bed Shakes. Memoirs of a Deaf Doctor. Zazove, Philip.1993. Galluadet University Press, Washington DC. ISBN 1-56368-024-6
  • Leave No Nurse Behind: Nurses working with disAbilities. Maheady, Donna 2006 iUniverse: Lincoln, Nebraska. In particular, see chapter 8 “The little Engine That Could: Nursing with Profound Deafness” written by Morag MacDonald, RN, MSW. ISBN 0595396496 See review in Nursing Standard.
  • Impairment to Empowerment. Managing your hearing loss. Levene, Bunty and Tait, Val. 2005. Hearing Concern, London. ISBN 0-9551365-0-4


Various articles, alphabetical by author

AMPHL articles

BMJ Careers Focus series – Training and working with disabilities

A series of articles to highlight the experiences of doctors and medical students with disabilities and illnesses in the run up to the DDA legislation changes in October 2004.

Links to the individual articles:

Other BMJ Careers Focus articles:

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