Strategies and equipment

Communication strategies: Hearing Link has produced some very helpful leaflets with tips for deaf and hard of hearing people on how to understand conversation and for everyone on how to help a hearing impaired person understand you. Another set of communication tips is on the Action on Hearing Loss website.

Lip-reading classes can be very helpful. As well as improving skill in lip-reading, we benefit from each others’ experiences and encouragement. (Hearing Link information.)

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are amplification instruments designed to work in specific circumstances. There are many of these available. For example, amplified telephones, devices to help you hear the television, to amplify in one-to-one conversation, small groups or large meetings.

Alerting Devices include vibrating and flashing alert systems such as pagers which can respond to equipment such as a smoke alarm, telephone or hospital equipment.

Information and equipment are available at Connevans and the Action on Hearing Loss shop.

Hearing therapists available through the NHS provide rehabilitation services for those with hearing loss. Help in adapting to hearing loss includes advice about equipment and services, communication training and support.

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