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The UKHPHL e-mail group is a discussion, information and support network for health professionals with hearing loss.

We welcome anyone with any degree of hearing loss who is, or is considering training to become, a health professional in any discipline.

We also welcome those with close involvement with health professionals with hearing loss, for example professionals working with d/Deaf and hard of hearing people, those in departements of education and training and professional bodies, occupational health and disability officers.

Information about how to join is in the FAQ here. Membership is free.

We also recommend the website and forum of the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss which has an international membership, most being in the USA. With a longer history of disability access in the USA than in the UK, they are a rich source of experience.

Some information, such as funding, legislation, occupational health services, training courses and equipment supply varies between countries so the UKHPHL e-mail group can be a forum to share this information. It is also an opportunity to build a supportive network because sometimes it can be helpful to know people closer to home.

2 thoughts on “E-mail group”

    1. Hi Naomi,
      I’ve come across a couple of deaf midwives but off hand can’t remember if I’ve come across a Deaf BSL midwife. It may be worth you joining our email discussion group and asking there as you’re more likely to get answers than by posting comments on the website.

      Most of us don’t look through the website regularly so wouldn’t see your message here. If you join the email group, you just send a single email to the mailing list address and it’s automatically sent to all members. So more of us would see you message and you’re more likely to get a reply.

      The FAQ tells you how to join or let me know and I’ll join you up.


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