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These provide information, services including help lines, training and news. Some are also involved in campaigning. Their information and fact sheet sections are well worth browsing.

Equality Advisory and Support Service. The Helpline advises and assists on issues relating to equality and human rights, across England, Scotland and Wales. There are advice documents on their website as well as template letters.

Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID) also has a shop with a range of equipment to aid hearing in different situations. Some can be VAT-free.

Hearing Concern

Royal Association for Deaf People

British Deaf Association

Defeating Deafness

Deaf Professionals Network

Support4doctors aims to put doctors and their families in touch with a range of organisations who can help. Links to organisations dealing with career, health and financial issues. A website run by the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.

British Society for Mental Health and Deafness (BSMHD) is the society for the promotion of the positive mental health of deaf people in Britain.

SIGN – The National Society for Mental Health & Deafness. Promoting Deaf wellness and independent living.

Association of Lipspeakers – A lipspeaker is a hearing person trained to repeat a speaker’s message to lipreaders accurately, without using their voice. A lipspeaker may be employed to aid communication between lipreaders and hearing people in a range of situations such as education and training, conferences and meetings, job interviews.

National registers of  communication professionals working with deaf and deafblind people. A list of qualified and professionally accredited sign language interpreters, lipspeakers, notetakers and speech-to-text reporters. Searchable by locality.

BAHA Users Support – Mutual support for baha users, and information about living with bahas (Bone Anchored Hearing Aids)


Developing Deaf Audiences Toolkit Written for venues and theatre companies, much of this toolkit is relevant to the workplace, universities and many other situations.

Hearing loss.

These sites, as well as the organisations listed above, have information about the ear, hearing loss and ear disorders, audiograms and hearing aids.

Hyperphysics explains sound measurement, how the measures relate to what we actually hear, how we hear, audiograms, hearing aids, sound propagation and lots more. As well as the initial index, each section has a more detailed index. So keep clicking links to explore this site. There’s a lot of information, clearly presented.

Audiology Awareness Campaign

American Academy of Audiology. Click here for pictures and information about the different types of hearing aids.

Atlantic Coast Ear Specialists. This glossary includes a diagram of where speech sounds fall on an audiogram.


Action on Hearing Loss shop


Gordon Morris

Forest Books

Caring for deaf and hard of hearing patients.

“Tips for midwives caring for pregnant women with hearing impairment.” NHS Education for Scotland

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