Stethoscope comparison table

Update. Neither of the Cardionics stethoscopes are available any more. You may find one second-hand. I’ve come across a couple of new stethoscopes, Ekuore and Eko CORE. I’m sorry I haven’t had time to review these yet.

* Not supplied with the stethoscope unless indicated

Can be used with:Acoustic stethoscopeLittmann 3100 & 3200Thinklabs (One and ds32a+)Cardionics Vi-ScopeCardionics E-Scope
*Adapted earpieces or custom ear mouldsYESYESMoulds – possibly. Adapted eartips – NOYESYES
*HeadphonesNONOYESYESYES (hearing impaired model)
*Telecoil DAI or FM/Bluetooth systemsNONOYESYESYES
*Visual displayNONOYES – iPhone/iPodYES – integralNO
*Electronic recordNOYES -3200YESYESMaybe (needs software?)
*Teaching – 2 headsetsNONOYESYESYES
CommentsThinklabs supplies cableConcerns about quality of link with headphones and accessories. Cardionics also supply headphones.
Cardionics are no longer supplying this but some may still be available.
Unavailable routinely in UK but I have heard some people have been able to buy from overseas suppliers. Cardionics can supply headphones silhouettes and cables

The Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss has a useful stethoscope comparison table which includes the Eko CORE.

Illustrations of some stethoscopes and how they can be used with hearing aids, can be found from the “stethoscopes” section of the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss website.

Other information:

  • Have you read the essential safety information: “limitations of hearing aids and implants?”
  • Consider funding
  • Arrange a trial period
  • And see how your audiogram matches up to heart and lung sounds to find out whether you need amplification or not.
  • If the spring in other stethoscope arms is so strong you find it uncomfortable, try the Thinklabs ds32a+ which has adjustable arms. I haven’t handled one myself yet so do let me know if you try this and how you get on. Thanks.
  • Don’t forget, hearing aids don’t usually reproduce the low frequencies well. So if you’re using earpieces, custom moulds or headphones over hearing aids you also need vents in your ear moulds or open fitting.
  • Certain electronic stethoscopes can link to hearing aids using accessories such as the T switch, direct audio input (DAI) cables or even FM or Bluetooth if your hearing aids have these facilities. However it is better to use earpieces or headphones if possible to avoid the problem of poor low frequency reproduction.

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