Cardionics E-scope unavailable

I was very disappointed to hear that Cardionics have not renewed the CE certificate/MDD approval for the E-scope electronic stethoscopes. They expired on 31st August 2012. This means the UK suppliers  are unable to import new E-scopes into the UK and are now out of stock.

This has been the only stethoscope we knew of that could be supplied with headphones and with cables to use with hearing aids and implants on telecoil or direct audio input settings.

The UK suppliers are researching to try to find an alternative, as am I. And I’m asking Cardionics if they can reconsider renewing the CE certificate and MDD approval.

In the mean time, I only know of amplified stethoscopes such as the Littman and ThinkLabs stethoscopes. You may be able to use these over CICs, ITEs or open-fitting BTEs, possibly with ear tips such as Stetho-o-mates or with custom made ear moulds. But these don’t work for everyone. If they don’t work for you, or if you have BTEs, you’ll need to take your hearing aids out to use an amplified stethoscope with normal eartips. The ThinkLabs stethoscope has an output socket to use with a computer or iPod. At the moment I don’t know whether this will work with headphones or telecoil or direct audio input (DAI) cables and the manufacturer hasn’t responded. (Update: yes, the socket will function as audio out for headphones. I know of at least one person who’s successfully set it up with a streamer to their hearing aids so it may also work with induction silhouettes and DAI.)

Please let me know if you know of stethoscopes that can be set up with hearing aids or if you know more about the ThinkLabs stethoscope. Thank you.

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