Cardionics Vi-Scope

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  1. Hello

    Can you please tell me are you able to supply the Cardionics Vi-Scope on for orders raised with a NHS order number in the UK

    Thank you

    1. Dear Damian,

      Cardionics dropped the Vi-scope. I heard a rumour it was still being manufactured for a while but I think has been discontinued a while now. However Thinklabs can be used with apps with a visual display. I’m not precisely sure of the current status and have just asked so will let you know when I hear back.

      I’ve just updated the Vi-Scope page on our website. I had put a note on the comparison table and am sorry I hadn’t also updated the Vi-Scope page.

      A different Vi-Scope did show up when I searched just now, so another manufacturer seems to have developed something. Or maybe took over the old and has updated it. I’ve contacted them to find out more.

      I will be re-writing all the resources about stethoscopes as so much changes over the years but it’ll be a lot of work and I’m sorry I can’t at the moment.

      This is an information website and support network, we aren’t suppliers.


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