Deaf awareness

I don’t think the RNTNE hospital is any more deaf aware than anyone else!  I went back to the receptionist up at the pre-op assessment office and explained that I had problems lip reading as she smiles. I had guessed that she wanted me to take a seat from her gesture but she could have been  speaking Mandarin for all I could make out. I was going to do what we usually do and just get on with it, but then I thought about it and decided she could learn!!

I think deaf and ill folk need to have a sign on their locker, on their T shirt or just a card which states the facts, like that hearing concern leaflet, because people do forget. I forget!!!!!

The consultant was OK and spoke directly to me but he would have no way of knowing if I heard him correctly or not. I repeated back to him quite a lot to clarify things, especially what sort of –oma he was talking about. Being deaf is just one complication: I am sure that hearing people dealing with consultants get muddled. I, at least, understand the language and have read up the topic so know what he was on about.

The audiologists and hearing therapists are excellent, they know exactly what they need to do – but it’s their job!  I think we just have to keep repeating the same old things in the hope that they learn from it and don’t just put us down as being difficult to deal with or bolshie.

I will feed back to them that the appointment letters should say where to check in and which waiting room to wait in. Also which entrance and exit to use. I now know of several different ways to get in and out of the hospital and some are a lot quicker than the directions you get if you ask at the first desk you come to.

I did get some more batteries for my hearing aids (I asked where to get them and they said the hearing aid department, but they are at the audiology reception and I don’t have a  brown book, but the lady just handed them over when I showed her which ones I needed)  and that reminded me that I did not ask what batteries the CI uses. The brochure has the details and it’s the same batteries as my Naidas,  P675, and there is an option for rechargeable ones. I keep reading the brochure and learning something else!


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