Questionnaires, tests, concerns and expectations

I have just returned from London and my appointments with the hearing therapist, and an audiologist for the final assessments. The hearing therapist re-did the comprehending speech without lip reading test – the one I hated last time. How am I supposed to know what the voice is saying when I don’t know the context and can’t see his mouth and there is no repetition!!!  Anyway, that test was just to confirm that my status has not changed since the last time they tested it (it hasn’t, I still don’t know what he said).

Several questionnaires to identify areas of concern and there were questions I had not thought of, such as what would happen to my tinnitus. I don’t listen to it normally but am aware of it in some situations more than others. Immediately post-op it has often disappeared (good) but then returns (not so good) but is sometimes different. There were questions about socialising, noisy situations etc and they will do the questionnaires again post-op to identify change etc. There are things they have not identified like what excuses am I going to give for not being sociable when I can hear better?

There was a lot about expectations and I am not sure I have expectations. Lots of hope, and yes I do expect things to be better because my niece has had such a positive experience and so have the other people I have spoken to including a patient. I realise that there is a very remote possibility it all fails and I am totally deaf but that is unlikely. I have a leaflet about the likely implant and it has attachments for listening to music and telephones. The former I am keen on but I am not sure I want to go back to using telephones, I have coped fine without! It’s everyone else around me that has the hassle, I just get on with it. My hearing is so lousy now I don’t have a lot to lose and sometimes I think silence preferable to some of the noise these aids transmit to me.

The audiologist did ordinary hearing tests with and without aids and then some that were quite beyond me. I know the one where you lie in the dark with electrodes on your head was to test that the  hearing area of my brain still deals with sound. Then there was one with a probe in my ear measuring pressure or something. Apparently all tests were good.

Wednesday they will discuss my results. Then I see the consultant next Monday for final decisions on going ahead, which implant and the very exciting possibility they will use me for their first “stereo” implant. So I am quite upbeat and very relieved I got up there despite the ice etc, and that the various therapists were there too.

So fingers crossed!!


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