Stereo implant – do I or don’t I?

The stereo implant has one processor and array into that ear (cochlear) and an extension over to the other ear and an array into that cochlear. So binaural hearing from one implant. I was chatting online with someone with a cochlear implant and when I said which implant they were planning she was very negative. She said no way would she have the stereo and that the device was quite an old-fashioned one.

I am trusting that the team at the hospital know what they are doing and are choosing the right device for my particular situation. Should I be more proactive and read up on all the available devices and then say what I want, or shall I just trust them to know what they are doing?  I certainly cannot complain afterwards if it does not work and I chose which implant. Perhaps this is the only one with an extension cable. So if any of you techies have an opinion lets hear it. ( Have the brochure with all the specifications if anyone asks specific questions.)

The device is a Saphyr by Neurelec. Its made by a French Firm. I am not bothered about the appearance, I have thick hair etc and I certainly do not want fancy colours, I am quite happy with skin colour. It has an auxiliary socket and accessories (so should work with stethoscope etc).


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