Launching Cherry (or maybe her Blog)

Three years ago, Cherry Cullen made the decision to have a cochlear implant. Since then, she’s kept the UKHPHL email group informed and entertained with stories of her progress through assessment, surgery and rehabilitation. (Makes her sound like a criminal!) Finally I’m keeping my promise to gather her posts together in a blog. As well as Cherry’s “Update” messages to the group as she reached various milestones, I’ve included some of her short notes as well.

I think they’re well worth a read. I’ve learned more about cochlear implants, what they can and cannot do, and what happens in assessment and rehab. I’m trying to forget about the surgery itself: I’ll need to check with Cherry whether the post-op photos are going on line or not!

We’ve 3 years’ worth of posts and more to come so I’m publishing them in batches, keeping the original dates. You’ll find them under the category Cherry’s Implant Blog.

Or to Begin at the Beginning ….

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