Initial assessments not until 12th and 19th July so I have been reading up on processors. I gather the hospital will offer a choice of a few and I will have to pick which one  – quite a dilemma because what do I know about them?

I have made a couple of notes of what I think I want. Long life rechargeable battery so I am not changing batteries during a working day or having to carry a charger around with me. I want music to be good. And I think I need one that is OK with MRI scanners as there are other bits of me “falling off” and wearing out and it might be useful to be able to have an MRI.

Someone else I know is going for an implant – at St. Thomas/Guys, and he has chosen the smallest one – he didn’t want big and klunky – whereas I can hide mine in my hair. We will be able to compare and perhaps help each other out with the after-op therapy even though we are going to different hospitals.


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