The first appointment

Arrived at the ENT department, which is called the EEMU department. Arrived at 9am for 9.20 appt.

Checked in at the reception where they had never heard of me and had no record of any appointment.

I said someone had rung on Friday so they told me to take a seat.

At half past ten an audiologist came and fetched me (he fitted my current aids), handed me a buzzer and went to put ear phones on my head.  I asked, “Aids in or out?” “Oh, out he said.”  No instructions, just started the hearing test. Yes, I do know you press the button when you hear something, but its always nice to be told what to do.

He then said those hearing aids have been superceded and you could have better ones, you need to see Nadia for some Naidoos (I think thats what he said). Went back out to the reception desk, audiology bit, and was given an appointment for next Thursday 25th, not with Nadia as she is on holiday but apparently Sam can fit them. Audiologist said they would be a lot better.

Am I seeing the Consultant? Oh yes, just have a seat.

I said their induction loop was not switched on as I couldn’t hear her!

Oh we don’t use it because then everyone in the waiting room with a hearing aid could listen in to conversations at the Reception Desk.

So I suggested they think about a neck loop they could throw over the patient’s head, or how about using a placard so we know what you are saying.

She laughed……

Consultant eventually came for me. Lovely lady, very switched on. Said I was a good candidate for an implant as I have normal speech and used to hear better. Explained that its a long process with lots of learning about what sounds are.

I asked which ear they usually chose, best or worst and she said worst, which was a relief because I was a bit nervous about risking my better ear.

She said she would refer to St. Thomas’s which is where she usually refers, and when I said I would prefer the Royal Free she was interested to know why. (Recommendation from friend whose Dad is a GP). But she didnt argue.

So not bad overall. I hope they are not too quick off the mark with an appointment as I am away from Easter for two weeks. Glad that’s over.

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